About Us

Hello World!

We are the Kaufman family, a slightly loud, very messy, adventure-loving gang of five, living in a charming suburb of Northern Virginia about 30 minutes from Washington D.C. Our  mission is to raise kind, curious, brave global citizens, who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty.

We moved to D.C. from Colorado in 2014 in pursuit of new adventures. After years checking everything off our D.C. adventure list and exposing our kids to as much nature, culture and good food as one little human can pack in, we started feeling a little stagnant. Naturally, we thought to take the next step and buy a house. Put down roots. But, after a year of searching for the perfect place, we discovered we weren't quite ready for that. 

Instead, we chose to put our down payment to better use by spreading our wings and taking flight on a around the world adventure with the kids. Best decision ever. It was an incredible experience we'll never forget, and not surprisingly, it did little to cure our wanderlust. Our travel bucketlist tripled in the space of a month, as every new country we visited sparked ideas for adventures somewhere else. 

Seeing as money doesn't grow on trees, we've decided to move further along our journey to enjoy experiences over things, cutting our household expenses dramatically as we save up for our 2019 adventure: Another 30 day, multi-country tour. Stay tuned to the blog and make sure to follow us on Instagram @zanziadventure, to find out where we're headed. We look forward to sharing our adventures with you - near and far!

Happy Adventuring!